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Touching Lives Initiative Limited (TLI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded and based in Kampala-Uganda; formed by a group of human rights and social development activists in response to critical socio-economic and political challenges in Uganda. At the heart of the organization’s pursuit is the quest for sustainable inclusive approaches to deepening financial inclusion & wellbeing, democracy and access to justice in order to ensure that every citizen lives a life of dignity.

TLI is registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the National NGO Board with Reg. No: MIA/NB/2015/04/3196 as a woman focused organization.

TLI in an effort to promote financial inclusion, got a license from Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority to allow it extend its support through microfinance. The authority issued a License number MF00423.

TLI aspires to use rights-based development approaches to expand the role and influence of vulnerable poor people; in particular women, children and youth in rural and semi-urban areas who live in extreme poverty and suffering all forms of injustice. The organization was started as a personal initiative of the founder to relate her own experiences to those of mothers and children, use these efforts to reduce social and economic vulnerability and deprivation and Gender based violence.

TLI aims at improving the livelihood of vulnerable women, youth and children by imparting life skills through talent development and income generating programs thus empowering them to emancipate themselves through advocacy, improve their livelihoods and contribute to society and national development.

To this end, TLI strongly believes that today’s most vulnerable and marginalized groups particularly women, children and young people have the potential to deliver a significant contribution to and champion socio-economic and political growth and eradication of poverty in Africa. TLI thus engages with decision makers at community, national, regional and international levels for inclusive development to effectively harness people’s socio-economic and political potential.

TLI focuses on four thematic areas of work namely;

  • Human Rights Promotion

  • Sustainable peace and security

  • Gender and Reproductive health

  • Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment



A world where women, youth and children are economically empowered and embracing the world


Work with partners and other stakeholders to empower vulnerable women, children and youth to reduce their own vulnerability.








Our Values

  • Commitment

  • Confidentiality,

  • Transparency and Accountability 

  • Gender justice

  • Solidarity

  • Courage of conviction

  • Respect and professionalism

  • Independence

  • Humility


Broad strategic objectives

  • In Partnership with Multi-stakeholders, build and strengthen consciousness and solidarity of vulnerable women, children and youth living in extreme poverty and injustice.

  • Build and strengthen women, children and youth groups/organizations, alliances and coalitions for stronger and sustainable linkages with state organs and other partners to poverty and ensure systematic exposure of all forms of injustices.

  • To provide counseling and other self-development programs to build self-employment capacities of vulnerable women

  • Widen socio-economic and political debate among the general public on issues of state responsibility, poverty reduction, democratic governance and sustainable development for vulnerable women, children and youth.

  • Promote information exchange; enhance research capacity and disseminate information locally, nationally and regionally to orient sustainable and effective policy change for a poverty and injustice free society.




How We Work

Community empowerment through direct community engagement, TLI, mobilizes vulnerable groups who are deprived of their rights to actively engage in national development programs and demand for justice and effective social service delivery.


Building solidarity and campaigning for policy change to cause justice and inclusive sustainable development for all citizens.


Equipping people with skills, knowledge and tools to challenge social, political and economic inequalities.


Advocacy, partnerships, capacity building and direct community engagement, TLI, mobilizes vulnerable groups who are deprived of their rights to actively engage in national development programs and demand for justice and effective social service delivery.



Who We Work With

  • Vulnerable and marginalized people (especially women, youth and children) facing all forms of injustices and living in socio-economic and political exclusion to claim justice and realize their rights.


  • Communities affected by all forms of injustice.


  • Human rights defenders

  • Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority


  • Development agencies


Governance Principles of TLI

  • TLI is accountable to the communities in which we operate

  • Mission-based organization

  • Highest professional and ethical standards

  • Responsible resource management and mobilization

Responsive to the poor and marginalized communities we serve

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