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The Karamoja Jewels Project (KAJEP) is a social and economic initiative whose main objective is to restore the dignity of the Ngakarimojong women with the goal of them becoming role models and change agents of their peers and local communities. TLI volunteers conducted a survey of people to people in Katwe, Katenda zone from May to August 2015. Several consultative meetings were held between TLI, the Katwe local leaders, and the Karamojong community leaders in Katenda zone.
By Sept 2015, 80 Karamonjong living in Katwe in total were mobilized. Of these people, 48 were women and children begging on the streets of Kampala. TLI grouped them and started counseling them. 
Summary Project Achievements/Outcomes – Phase One
Partial Outcomes:
1. Arts & Cultural promotion program: 100 Karamajong girls gained self-employable skills. 85 of these girls have since formed themselves into a cultural dancing group occasionally hired to perform on functions at a pay. They are now considering forming themselves into a savings and credit group for small loans.
2. Role Model Program: Role Models in Income Generating Activities i.e. nurturing ‘Karamajong stars’ who have become role models for their peers by discouraging them from coming to Kampala to beg on the streets for personal income improvement and self-reliance.
3. Repatriation Program: Rehabilitated and re-integrated 150 girls into their home villages, communities, by preparing, supporting and encouraging them to go back home.
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