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Reinforcing our Commitment

The Touching Lives Initiative Refugee Project in its aspirations compliments efforts of the government of Uganda to mobilize political and socioeconomic resources for sustainable and poverty free populace. Founded on Pan-African principles, TLI aspires to use rights based development approaches to expand the role and influence of vulnerable poor people; in particular women and children in rural and semi-urban areas who live in extreme poverty and suffering all forms of injustice.

The project aims at improving the livelihood of vulnerable women and children by imparting life skills through a talent development and income generating programmes, empowering them to emancipate themselves through advocacy, improve their livelihoods and contribute to society and national development.

To this end, TLI strongly believes that today’s most vulnerable and marginalized groups particularly women, children and young people have the potential to deliver a significant contribution to and champion socio-economic and political growth and eradication of poverty in Africa.​​​

TLI Refugee Project focuses on four thematic areas of work namely;

  • Human Rights Promotion

  • Sustainable peace and security

  • Gender and Reproductive health

  • Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment

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